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Celtic Love Spells

It is very easy in today’s world to become filled with stress, anxiety and fear for what your future holds, the Celts knew that running parallel to our world is the ‘outer world’, the outer world is a place where dreams come true, the normal rules do not apply, you can be who you really want - this holds true for us today also!

The treasure of the Celtic imagination can be found in art and literature: the legends of King Arthur, St Brigit Cuchulainn and Boudicca The Celtics used spells and divinations to guide and protect them, and dreams were a magical reflection of reality and a direct path to the outer world.

To retrieve answers from your dreams, write on a piece of paper what you want to dream about and place it under your pillow, as you fall asleep, repeat over and over “Tonight I intend to dream about ...” Do this every night until your special dream appears!

Celtic Cross Eternity Love Spell

Endless Celtic Knot Love Spell

Celtic Angels

There are many different levels within the Angelic Realm. Some angelic spirits live in the material world, and like us need to learn some lessons. The next level has spirits still attracted to the material world, but also the godhead. The third level is for spirits no longer attracted to the earth plane, only the godhead.

According to St Augustine, it’s what a spirit does that makes it an angel, Celtic Angels are spirits who usually have an interest in human affairs - become our guardians and companions, drawn from the realm closest to us. Our relationship with our Celtic Angel is soul to soul.

Celtic Angel Soul to Soul Love Spell

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