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Flower Love Spells and Flower Spells for Everything!

Flower Power!

Flowers are used one way of another in most love spells and witchcraft magic spells. Their colours, fragrance and beauty is very useful when casting love spells. Flowers are often used in healing magic and to attract love and luck!

Flower Goddesses:

Antheia - Antheia Flower Love Spell
Aphrodite & Venus - Aphrodite & Venus Spell
Blodwin - Blodwin Love Spell
Flora - Flora Love Spell


The Properties of Flowers For Flower Witchcraft Spells


Acacia attracts love and friends -   Acacia Love Spell
Alyssum increases self worth -   Alyssum Self Worth Spell
Amaranth attracts a faithful lover -   Amaranth Faithfulness Spell
Amaryllis attracts writing success -   Amaryllis Writing Success
Anemone wins back a lost lover -   Anemone Reuniting Spell
Apple blossom attracts good fortune-   Apple blossom Fortune Spell
Aster helps with negotiations -   Aster Negotiations Spell
Azalea freedom from addiction -   Azalea End Addiction Spell
Begonia protects from gossip -   Begonia Stop Gossip Spell
Bluebell attracts faithfulness -   Bluebell Faithfulness Spell
Buttercup increases wealth -   Buttercup Wealth Spell
Camellia increases desire -   Camellia Desire Spell
Carnation attracts acceptance -   Carnation Acceptance Spell
Celandine attracts happy holidays -   Celandine For Holidays Spell
Chrysanthemum attracts marriage -   Chrysanthemum Marriage
Cornflower for protection -   Cornflower Protection Spell
Cowslip for exam success -   Cowslip Exam Spell
Crocus attracts joy -   Crocus Joy Spell
Cyclamen attracts protection -   Cyclamen Protection Spell
Daffodil attracts forgiveness -  
Dahlia good for travel -   Dahlia Travel Spell
Daisy for justice -   Daisy Justice Spell
Dandelion for wishes -   Dandelion Wishes Spell
Delphinium for obtaining a job -   Delphinium Job Spell
Edelweiss attracts fun -   Edelweiss Fun Spell
Evening primrose overcoming jealousy -   Evening Primrose Jealousy
Forget-Me-Not calls a lover -   Forget-Me-Not Spell
Gardenia increases beauty -   Gardenia Beauty Spell
Geranium attracts love commitment -   Geranium Commitment Spell
Gillyflower family warmth -   Gillyflower Family Warmth
Gladiolus strength of character -   Gladiolus Character Spell
Harebell attracts trust and hope -   Harebell Trust & Hope Spell
Heather attracts good luck -   Heather Good Luck Spell
Hibiscus attracts healing -   Hibiscus Healing Spell
Hollyhock attracts fertility -   Hollyhock Fertility Spell
Honesty attracts integrity -   Honesty Integrity Spell
Honeysuckle attracts commitment -   Honeysuckle Commitment
Hyacinth retrieves a lost love -   Hyacinth Return Lover Spell
Hydrangea attracts success -   Hydrangea Success Spell
Iris brings news -   Iris News Spell
Jasmine makes dreams come true -   Jasmine Dreams Come True
Jonquil clears up uncertainty -   Jonquil End Uncertainty Spell
Lavender attracts love & healing -   Lavender Love & Healing
Lilac attracts permanent romances -   Lilac Permanent Romances
Lily attracts marriage -   Lily Marriage Spell
Lily of the Valley attracts happiness -   Lily of the Valley Happiness
Lupin attracts grace -   Lupin Grace Spell
Magnolia attracts sensuality -   Magnolia Sensuality Spell
Marigold attracts employment -   Marigold Employment Spell
Mimosa attracts riches -   Mimosa Riches Spell
Narcissus attracts self confidence -   Narcissus Confidence Spell
Nasturtium attracts victory -   Nasturtium Victory Spell
Oleander attracts wisdom -   Oleander Wisdom Spell
Orange blossom attracts health -   Orange Blossom Health Spell
Orchid attracts prosperity -   Orchid Prosperity Spell
Pansy attracts kind thoughts -   Pansy Kindness Spell
Passion flower finding twin soul -   Passion Flower Soul Mate
Peony for forgiveness -   Peony Forgiveness Spell
Periwinkle for love -   Periwinkle Love Spell
Petunia overcoming despair -   Petunia Hope Spell
Poinsettia attracts gifts -   Poinsettia Gifts Spell
Polyanthus attracts riches -   Polyanthus Riches Spell
Poppy for peace -   Poppy Peace Spell
Primrose attract a lover -   Primrose Lover Spell
Rose love and healing -   Rose Healing Spell
Snapdragon overcoming rejection -   Snapdragon Hope Spell
Snowdrop new beginnings -   Snowdrop New Beginnings
Stock attracts beauty -   Stock Beauty Spell
Sunflower attracts wealth -  
Sweet pea for passion -   Sweet Pea Passion Spell
Tulip for love -   Tulip Love Spell
Violet keeping secrets -   Violet Secrets Spell
Wallflower for happiness -   Wallflower Happiness Spell
Wisteria breaking possessiveness -   Wisteria End Possessiveness
Woodbine for love -   Woodbine Love Spell

Flower Spells


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