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Love spells, witchcraft and healing are very closely related topics, but I believe self healing is the only real form of healing. Love spells are cast on others, healing is something YOU do yourself.

If you visit a ‘hands on healer’ and they have the right look, the right healing room and say all the right things, and therefore they may if you trust them enough trigger the placebo effect - this is when your body self heals on its own accord.

We do not read about many miracle cures, that is because people look to others for help, instead of within. The human body naturally self heals, it strives for survivable 24/7 - if you cut your finger, or break your leg, you know natural healing will take place...

With other aches, pains and aliments, you may assume you cannot self heal, everyone else assumes you cannot, so you don’t, instead you suffer or have surgery.

Originally the human body produced its own vitamin C and other nutrients it no longer does, these fought off many illnesses - lack of nutrients can cause ill health, for example: hearing loss, eye problems and fatigue etc.

We all know the human body can naturally heal cuts, broken arms and legs and repair itself. To trigger the placebo effect - natural, self healing, you need to communicate with your subconscious mind, and that is very easy.

Acknowledge the fact your body can self heal without limitation, think about your health issue and focus on the outcome you are seeking. If you have a painful knee for example from now on and ass often as possible tell yourself

As you fall asleep at night tell yourself your knee is better, it has healed itself - either silently or out aloud... As you fall asleep at night think about your knew being healed, tell yourself it is getting better daily. The process is particularly helpful at night because you cannot argue with your thoughts. It helps too if you can feel the emotions you would feel if your knee was healthy once more - feel relived and overjoyed. Your subconscious mind with obey the instructions it receives and self heal as much as it possibly can.




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