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Tarot Magic, Tarot Love Spells and Tarot Spells for Everything!

The Tarot originated from Ancient Egypt, along with witchcraft and spell casting. The traditional Tarot deck is comprised of 22 Major Arcana cards - Arcana meaning ‘secrets’, along with 14 cards of the four suits: wands, cups, swords and pentacles. These 56 cards are referred to as the Minor Arcana, from which the modern day playing cards descended from.

The Tarot can be used for divination or in magic witchcraft spells - in divination, the cards link to every moment in time and are used as a tool to answer questions, and make predictions. During spells, the tarot is used to attract the resolution you want to a problem or wish, by invoking the vibration a specific card or cards hold.

Witches use the Tarot to review a situation before casting a spell and for checking the progress of a spell, especially a love spell to make sure everything is going according to plan

Spells & Love Spells using The Major Arcana

The Fool for choice & decisions -   Tarot Decision Spell
The Magician for power & control -   Tarot Power Spell
The High Priestess for wisdom/intuition -   Tarot Intuition Spell
The Empress for abundance -   Tarot Abundance Spell
The Emperor for control -   Tarot Control Spell
The Hierophant for learning -   Tarot Learning Spell
The Lovers for reuniting -   Tarot Reuniting Love Spell
The Chariot for success -   Tarot Success Spell
Strength for strength & endurance -   Tarot Strength Spell
The Hermit for solitude -   Tarot Solitude Spell
Wheel of Fortune for fortune -   Tarot Fortune Spell
Justice for justice -   Tarot Justice Spell
The Hanged Man for surrender -   Tarot Surrender Spell
Death for transformation -   Tarot Transformation Spell
Temperance for harmony -   Tarot Harmony Spell
The Devil for lust -   Tarot Lust Spell
The Tower for karma -   Tarot Karma Spell
The Star for hope -   Tarot Hope Spell
The Moon for psychic powers -   Tarot Psychic Powers Spell
The Sun for prosperity -   Tarot Prosperity Spell
Judgment for rebirth -   Tarot Rebirth Spell
The World for happiness -   Tarot Happiness Spell

Spells & Love Spells using The Minor Arcana

WANDS - for ambition, creativity, action & growth

Ace of Wands for power -   Wands Power Spell
Two of Wands for decisions -   Wands Decisions Spell
Three of Wands for luck -   Wands Luck Spell
Four of Wands for harmony -   Wands Harmony Spell
Five of Wands for confusion -   Wands Confusion Spell
Six of Wands for victory -   Wands Victory Spell
Seven of Wands for courage -   Wands Courage Spell
Eight of Wands for passion -   Wands Passion Spell
Nine of Wands for stability -   Wands Stability Spell
Ten of Wands for stress -   Wands Stress Spell
Princess of Wands for ambition -   Wands Ambition Spell
Knight of Wands for surprise -   Wands Surprise Spell
Queen of Wands for creativity -   Wands Creativity Spell
King of Wands for entrepreneurs -   Wands Entrepreneur Spell

CUPS - relationships, love, emotions & happiness

Ace of Cups for overflowing love -   Cups Love Spell
Two of Cups for union -   Cups Union Spell
Three of Cups for intimacy -   Cups Intimacy Spell
Four of Cups for confusion -   Cups Confusion Spell
Five of Cups for fear -   Cups Fear Spell
Six of Cups for past love -   Cups Past Love Spell
Seven of Cups the misuse -   Cups Misuse Spell
Eight of Cups for wasted energy -   Cups Wasted Energy Spell
Nine of Cups for ecstasy -   Cups Ecstasy Spell
Ten of Cups for satisfaction -   Cups Satisfaction Spell
Princess of Cups for freedom   Cups Freedom Spell
Knight of Cups for passion -   Cups Passion Spell
Queen of Cups for balance -   Cups Balance Spell
King of Cups for family -   Cups Family Spell

SWORDS - aggression, justice and ideas

Ace of Swords for victory -   Swords Victory Spell
Two of Swords for balance -   Swords Balance Spell
Three of Swords for heartbreak -   Swords Heartbreak Spell
Four of Swords for peace -   Swords Peace Spell
Five of Swords for loss -   Swords Loss Spell
Six of Swords for past insight -   Swords Past Insight Spell
Seven of Swords for transition -   Swords Transition Spell
Eight of Swords for dishonesty -   Swords Dishonesty Spell
Nine of Swords for danger -   Swords Danger Spell
Ten of Swords for misfortune -   Swords Misfortune Spell
Princess of Swords for vigilance -   Swords Vigilance Spell
Knight of Swords for disputes -   Swords Disputes Spell
Queen of Swords for clarity -   Swords Clarity Spell
King of Swords for power -   Swords Power Spell

PENTACLES - money, fortune & possessions

Ace of Pentacles for prosperity -   Pentacles Prosperity Spell
Two of Pentacles for change -   Pentacles Change Spell
Three of Pentacles for duty-   Pentacles Duty Spell
Four of Pentacles for security -   Pentacles Security Spell
Five of Pentacles being trapped -   Pentacles Trapped Spell
Six of Pentacles for opportunity -   Pentacles Opportunity Spell
Seven of Pentacles for fear of failure -   Pentacles Fear of Failure Spell
Eight of Pentacles for caution -   Pentacles Caution Spell
Nine of Pentacles for self awareness -   Pentacles Self Awareness
Ten of Pentacles for creativity -   Pentacles Creativity Spell
Princess of Pentacles for fertility -   Pentacles Fertility Spell
Knight of Pentacles for trust -   Pentacles Trust Spell
Queen of Pentacles for protection -   Pentacles Protection Spell
King of Pentacles for wealth -   Pentacles Wealth Spell

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