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Ultimate, No Failure 7 Day Love Spells Collection

These powerful spells will not fail if you obey my easy to follow instructions and write your love request on a powerful e-talisman that will be emailed to you, for you to print out, or if you do not have access to a printer I can forward your ‘e-talisman’ by post.

The instructions are very easy, you cannot go wrong, you simply need to carry your e-talisman around with you until you have your love spell results. To speed up the spell work, you can look at your e-talisman as often as possible. Each time you look at your e-talisman your love spells will receive an extra blast of power, the Universe will be repeatedly told what you want to happen, and your results will have no option but to manifest.

Everything starts off as a thought - you think you’ll make yourself a cup of tea, love spells also start off as thoughts, and thoughts contain particles and wave - as mentioned on my Love Spells Handbook page - everything is energy. Thoughts are energy that move at the speed of light, and like light are both particle and wave - your spells until results manifest are not visible in the material world, but they do exist as a vibration, and the more you think about your wish, by looking at and carrying your e-talisman, the stronger the vibration will become, and therefore the sooner you will have results. Your e-talisman will be radiate positive vibrations only, along with your 7 love spells I will cast for you. The only way this service can fail is if you cannot be bothered to carry or look at your e-talisman - and as your e-talisman will be printed on paper you can fold up, hide and carry easily, it isn’t very difficult. You can if you wish print out your e-talisman many times - just as long as you keep them a secret.

To cast this set of love spells ideally I need your name and date of birth and the same information on your lover. If you can supply any photos that would be great. If you cannot supply photos, I can cast your love spell using names only as spells are psychic energy and know exactly who your lover is, or who you love.

Your e-talisman will be emailed (or posted) to you, and all you need to do is write your love wish on your e-talisman, then carry your e-talisman around with you, and keep it under your pillow at night.

How long do results take? The second a love spell has been cast your spell or spells will be working on your situation, by their very nature love spells seek to grant results as soon as possible, but it is not possible for me to say “results will be with you within 4 days time”, no witch or psychic can know that. I would like to think everyone will get results within days, but that cannot be guaranteed - witchcraft is not a science but an art. Results can appear any moment after a love spell has been cast, and 99% of the time within 2 months at the most. 3 or 4 weeks is about average, and 'within hours or a few days is for the lucky ones!'

These love spells can be used for ALL love requests and wishes, and results are permanent.

Useful pages if you are going to use a love spell:

How Do Love Spells Work?

Love Spells & Magic Can Change Your Life

Love Spells Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimate, No Failure 7 Day Love Spells Collection Price £1500.00 GBP Sterling


Items and information needed to cast the Ultimate, No Failure 7 Day Love Spells Collection(s):

Your name and date of birth, along with your lover's would be useful. If you have a love rival and know anything about them, do let me know. Photos can be email or posted. If you cannot supply all this information, do not worry, I can still cast your love spell. You can order using the payment button above, or by using any of the alternative methods listed on my ordering page: Order

I will look forward to casting your love spell very soon!

Love & blessings - Arabella XXX - I am only an email away!

Ultimate 7 Day Love Spells Collection


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Contact Arabella

I am on my computer as often as possible, therefore please do not assume you will have a long wait before I reply, you wont!

Love Arabella XXX

PS I am confidential!

You can find my Love Spells Consultation Form at: CONTACT ARABELLA

Or you can email me if you prefer at:

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