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Magical Remedy - Vitamin B12


Many people suffer from a vitamin B12 deficiency, or they have lower levels of B12 than what is required to keep the mind and body functioning optimally. A B12 deficiency cause Alzheimer’s, depression, bi-polar,B12 deficiency, learning difficulties, autism, schizophrenia, poor hair condition, eczema, anxiety, fatigue and other illnesses such as numb feet and legs.

Vitamin B is ‘water-soluble’ and therefore needs replenishing daily, your body cannot make enough itself and depends on you eating the right foods.

Foods containing vitamin b12:
Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products and food fortified with vitamin B12.

We only need a little B12 daily, but it is still too easy to become vitamin B12 defiant, I recommend you try taking a vitamin B12 or Vitamin B complex supplement. My Vitamin B12 levels were very low and fatigue was a problem to me until I started taking a B12 supplement daily.

Alcohol : ( and smoking deplete B12 supplies




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