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Always Keep Your Love Spell A Secret

Love spells, and in fact any spells, wishes or dreams are always best kept a secret until they come true. Love spells are made from psychic energy, they are extremely powerful, however, psychic energy can be upset if you talk about it to other people, that is because psychic connects to every single thing in space and time - your love spell automatically knows everything, it knows exactly what you want, but if you tell a friend and he or she disapproves about any aspect - your choice of lover or even the fact you are using a love spell, your spell is injected with their negative psychic energy - their opinions.

You might think how can a love spell be powerful if chatting about it will damage or break it? It’s similar to fire, fire is exceptionally powerful but can still be extinguished if you throw water on it. Love spells are like cosmic ordering in some respects, once created they are both psychic energy, when you place a cosmic order for something to happen your wish is 100% destined, the Universe has heard and starts working on it that very second. Unfortunately however, the movement you think ‘oh no, I don’t think there is any chance of it happening’ that’s a fatal error, the Universe has been updated, your request can never happen, you have unwittingly cancelled it.

Love Spells are much stronger than cosmic ordering, a witch uses all of her six senses to create your love spell, your love spell contains: words, actions, aromas, thoughts, visualisation and a witch protects her love spells from being upset by your doubts and fears, also you want your love spell to come true more than you want failure, you don’t want failure at all, and with just you and your witch involved, your love spell results are destined.

If you have already told a friend you are thinking of having a love spell cast, that's not a problem since your spell isn't active - and you can tell me before I cast that X knows. If you are a client of mine and for some reason someone knows you have a love spell active, you should let me know - I do cast a Damage Limitation Or Curtail Damage Spell but I will need to know what has happened as there might be a better way forward. Of course, I protect your love spell as much as I can, but you have to keep your love spell a secret, if you have any concerns you should write to me.

With your wishes, hopes and dreams, they too are psychic energy and will come true if you always focus on them positively, the moment you tell anyone who is less than enthusiastic they will start sabotaging what you want, not only will they send negativity out into the Universe but also make you feel your dream is impossible, or much further away than you had thought. Unless you know for certain someone will want your wish to come true as much as you, it best not to discuss it - the person may love you to pieces, but still unwittingly sabotage your dreams.

This is a fact; a wish or love spell that lives in positive energy will always come true - there’s no alternative., jusr as fiire will always burn if it is in the right environment.

If you have any questions regarding keeping a love spell a secret please send them to me and I will answer them here - your name will not be posted.



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