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Is Astrology Important To Love Spells?

The stars have a very powerful affect upon life on earth, the Sun gives us heat and light, we couldn't live without the Sun. The Moon creates the waves on our oceans, and it affects the human body too, water makes up 75% of the total body content, and 95% of blood is water, therefore human beings are very much affected by the moon, including the female menstrual cycle. The Moon may cause water retention and affect your weight if you are feeling very emotional.

The Sun and Moon affect us visually, but the other planets hold equally as much power - in different ways. Venus is often invoked by love spells witches, if a witch has chosen to cast a Venus Love Spell for you, she is will most likely using your astrological birth chart, and cast your love spell at the 'Venus' hour or another time she has chosen using astrological calculations. Many astrologers are spell casters, they witness the magical, albeit natural to them powers of the planets, they see humans being very influenced by the stars, therefore astrology can be very important to a love spells witch - but not all love spells use astrology, for example a Tarot Reader might cast their love spells using their cards, and completely ignore all astrological data.

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