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Intuition - Is My Partner Cheating On Me?

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Is My Partner Cheating On Me?

You might be a very jealous, insecure person who imagines your partner is having an affair each time they look at a member of the opposite sex - if so, be honest with yourself, your partner is NOT having an affair, you are simply torturing yourself and creating scenarios that don’t exist.

If you are an average person who feels a little jealous at times but nothing that leads to your imagination going into override 24/7 the fact you suspect something is a warning sign - it might be innocent, it might not.

Do you suspect something isn’t right but cannot put your finger on it? Your partner may be trying to cope with various problems alone, rather than worry you.

Is your partner hiding their mobile or out more often? Do they have a new hobby? Have they changed their work routine? Do they appear to be taking more care of their own appearance? Are they extra kind towards you? Are there other strange things you have noticed?

Ask the universe to give you a sign that confirms if your partner is cheating on you or not.



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