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Love Spell

A lot of people want to know exactly what a love spell is and how it will work. A love spell is a request that is sent out into the Universe for the Universe to grant! Love spells are psychic energy, a witch communicates with the psychic realm using words, colours, aromas, visualisation, actions and witchcraft materials. Casting love spells is a very personal thing, witches find what works best for them and use their tried and trusted methods over and over again, therefore each witch will have his or her own way of casting a love spell.

The wise ones in ancient pagan communities were aware of customs that influenced mother nature, they realised that words spoken in a special way made them more powerful than normal. Extra positive energy was also added to a spell through visualisation - seeing the intended outcome.

Once a love spell has been cast the psychic energy then starts creating your new reality. It is good to think about your desire as that reconfirms your wish, whereas if you start doubting your love spell will work you are not sending out any positive energy and reconfirming your wish.

Instantly after a love spell has been cast it start affecting fate, your new future is starting to manifest, certain elements of your request might starting appearing before others, often a client will get a sign of hope, perhaps a smile or text from the one they have had their love spell cast on, but the major changes can take time, as lots of elements have to fit together while fate is being written. Most witches use some form of divination to answer any questions they have about the love spell they are casting - a pre spell divination will tell the witch if her love spell is going to work, if not, then she will fine tune the love spell she has written.

What happens if a love spell fails? If a love spell has been cast properly then failure is unlikely, there's nothing that can go wrong, so the love spell will work.

Does instant working love spells exist? No, no instant spells exist, and thank goodness, could you imagine the chaos not to mention disasters that would occur if instant results were possible? People would have spells cast for things they had not thought through, apart from that, as already explained many elements have to be knitted together for your new future situation to manifest, that doesn't happen overnight.

There's several different types of love spells:

A Bidding Love Spell: This is a love spell a witch casts when she wants complete control over a situation, to make someone do something they wouldn't otherwise do.

A Blessing Love Spell: This is a prayer, or healing, a love spell to bring peace of mind.

An Invocation Love Spell: This type of love spell uses the ultimate source of power. Spells are often used for selfish reasons, but an invocation is a positive energy that cannot cause any harm.

Incantation Love Spell: Incantations use gods and goddesses and the powers of nature to grant love wishes.

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