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Butterfly Effect - For Love Spells and Love Problems

The dictionary describes the Butterfly Effect as:

The phenomenon whereby a miniscule change in a complex structure can have large effects elsewhere. According the chaos theory a butterfly fluttering its wings in Rio de Janeiro can change the weather in Chicago.

The butterfly effect is a phrase used in the mathematical Chaos Theory to explain how minute movements can affect massive systems, and complex networks, like weather patterns. The expression butterfly effect was applied in Chaos Theory to demonstrate that the wing fluttering of a butterfly might have significant consequence on wind power and movements throughout the weather structure of the world, and theoretically could cause tornadoes the other side of the world.

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What the butterfly effect reveals is that the exact prediction or the behaviour of anything is impossible because a billion tiny influences can affect it. However, as a love spell is a living energy it will fight off anything that tries to slow down or upset your love spell results. My love spells are charged to work this way. Furthermore at any one time your love spell will have many alternative ways for your heartache to be resolved and whichever grants results the fastest will in fact be the way it works, of course. The butterfly effect is very real, but it cannot out fox a love spell.

A love spell which itself is psychic energy will make sure you are reunited and it will repel or block any butterfly effect that is problematic to avoid delays. In fact if the butterfly effect starts conjuring up problems, your spell will detect them instantly, whereas if you aren't using a love spell and hoping love alone will bring your ex back, the butterfly effect might throw some spanners in the works and you could miss your chance to be together - due to what will appear to be random bad luck.

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