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Love Spell Results In 24 Hours

A very naughty web page title, but I've seen such things on the cover of magazines to tempt you into buying the magazine... I've also seen love spell casting websites promising just that, or their advert makes you think they can achieve love spell results in an instant - love spells never work instantly, here is why:

Love spells work as fast as possible - automatically, from the second they are cast they are working, however constantly throughout the day the unpredictable laws of chance are in operation, new elements will be coming into your life and the life of the one you love. Have you ever gone into a supermarket and selected the checkout with the shortest queue because you are in an hurry, only to find the longest queue at the checkout next to yours appears to be moving much, much faster? Your checkout has problem after problem, the person in front of you has three items that cannot be scanned, the supervisor is busy dealing with another problem elsewhere in the supermarket, you are not in the best but the worse queue, you have no control over the situation - had the person with the unscannable items been in a different queue to you, there wouldn’t be this dilemma. Your trip home from the supermarket could be held up too because of a road accident that has just happened, yet had you sailed through the supermarket checkout at high speed you would’ve left the supermarket 5 or 10 minutes earlier and not have been caught up in extra delays. All in all, because of the three items that couldn’t be scanned you are going to be 25 minutes later getting back home than you thought, unfortunately you now have no time to take you dog for a walk, the walk that if you had gone on it, it would've caused you to be in the right place at the right time to see your ex on his way to meet his mate - had he seen you he might have stopped for a chat, it could’ve led to something positive. Sadly your love spell couldn’t make those three items that could not be scanned magically scan themselves - the scanning system in the supermarket hadn’t been updated because of another chain of events...

The law of chance are unpredictable by their very nature and can never been made predictable because they feed everything and keep things moving and alive. If everything was predictable, everything would be knowable and therefore you would have no need to actually do it because you’d know it and be able to experience it at will, in which case it wouldn’t need to exist because you could simply know it.

Things are predictable to a certain level only, for example you might have a ‘gut’ feeling about something, and use your feelings in a very positive and productive way.

A love spell is programmed psychic energy, for example your love spell is going to bring back your ex lover Dave, your love spell is cast, it quite literally throws positive energy over Dave to make him think about you and miss you, but Dave might still be furious and hurt about the issue that caused you to part, your love spell will start healing that. Dave will feel less and less angry - your love spell will be drawing Dave back to you, your love spell will work with the laws of chance trying to get you and Dave back together as soon as possible. There’s not much you can do yourself, just as you couldn't do anything about the three unscannable items in the supermarket. However, the fact is you have a love spell active - the energy is constantly trying to reunite you and Dave, Dave is getting less and less angry, he now regrets saying he never wanted to see you ever again, he regrets sending to that last nasty text... Although Dave wants you back he’s wondering if you’ll forgive him for his treatment of you while you have been apart apart - so now your spell is working on a new problem Dave’s realisation that he’s been a complete nightmare to you since you split up, getting drunk and telling his mates things he never should have - not to mention most of it was lies.

This is why love spells need time, a problem is never just a problem in itself. Yes it is possible if everything is absoloutely perfect that you might get super fast results but that will be pure luck - nothing to do with your witch, the strenght of your love or anything - simply that there was a perfect chance for your spell to work fast and it did, which it will if it can. Furthermore at any one time your love spell will be many alternative ways for you and Dave to be reunited because it knows the laws of chance will sabotague many of the chance for you and Dave to be reunited - your love spell is alive and watching constantly for a way to work as soon as possible.

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