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Love Spells & Karma

Casting love spells does not create bad karma, love spells are positive energy, they create more positive energy. Karma - what you give out comes back to you - give love and receive love back. They say ‘there’s no one innocent in prison’ if they didn’t commit a crime in this life they did in a past life and got away with it, and are paying for it in this life. Karma exists solely for us to learn, it isn’t punishment.

The Law of Attraction means like attracts like, the positive energy created from a love spell, creates more positive energy. A witch will not accidentally cast the wrong spell for you, therefore the request your love spell contains will attract the outcome you want from the magical working.

Fear and the fact that most people are unexperienced in the way the other worlds work, is what makes people incorrectly assume love spells might backfire. However, the use of love spells and witchcraft is destined to grow, we are regaining our lost magical and psychic skills - this is also why alternative remedies and healing are becoming more and more popular - we are evolving as a race. Science is finally proving via quantum physics that alternative energies and realms do exist, it is the sceptics that says love spells are wrong or don’t exist.

Spirits and the psychic world has no concept of time, the 24 hour clock is for mankind, since human beings need to keep track of where we are and have order in our lives. Psychic and mediums connect our solid world with the invisible world - the spirit world. Psychics only pick up ‘one path’, the strongest one that comes through to them yet, in reality there’s many potential paths you can take - all human beings change their minds, and often go down a different route to the one they had planned.

Love spells create a new situation and the old situation become obsolete and fades away.

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I am on my computer as often as possible, therefore please do not assume you will have a long wait before I reply, you wont!

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