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Love Spells & Magic Can Change Your Life

There are still sadly too many people laughing at witches :( and thinking spells are a load of mumbo jumbo, but the fact is modern science is now proving that MAGIC SPELLS DO WORK - if cast properly. Also, the good news is the internet allows people to browse websites like mine and think maybe there is something in this ‘witchcraft malarkey’ afterall? I predict in the very near future we will all be witches, and more and more celebrities will admit they are using magic to change their lives.

It is not bad or greedy to use witchcraft to attract wealth - money spells for example, by changing your own life you help many others, you will buy more items and services from other people, thereby increase their personal wealth, you might employ others e.g. builders and therefore help them benefit too. You will have money to make donations to charities - the positive uses money has are numerous, you are better off with it it more ways than one!

Love spells I am often told are bad because they interfere with another person’s free will, but they do not. The Universe in which all things manifest speaks in a language of pictures, when you say “I don’t want to be fat” you see a big fat belly in your mind, the Universe then sees that too and starts trying to transform your thoughts into reality - as explained at how spells work, thoughts influence quantum electrons - everything in the entire Universe is comprised of quantum electrons. We are all influencing each other all the time e.g. if Leanne’s mother doesn’t want Leanne to see James, she will keep telling everyone and muttering to herself ‘I wish Leanne and James would fallout’ - in her mind sees pictures Leanne and James together, not apart - Leanne’s mother is helping them to stay together! In fact, it could be all Leanne’s friends think James is ‘bad news’, and they like Leanne’s mother send out the wrong pictures for the Universe to turn into reality - and to everyone’s amazement and horror, Leanne is more and more in love with James than ever. Where was Leanne’s free will? The fact is, Leanne is happy with James, thanks to everyone unwittingly helping her.

With starving millions - a certain vision comes into our minds and we only reconfirm there is starving millions. The only way to truly alter this is for everyone to change their pattern of thinking - it will happen. BUT the truth is we have to change our own lives first, then spread the word and help others. Ensuring you have a fantastic relationship and plenty of money is not selfish, your friends will be inspired to change their lives too, and as already stated, you will buy more items and services from others...

Love & blessings - Arabella XXX - I am only an email away!


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I am on my computer as often as possible, therefore please do not assume you will have a long wait before I reply, you wont!

Love Arabella XXX

PS I am confidential!

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