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Love Spells & Tears

There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I know a lot of people who visit my website will have had previous experience with witches, magic charms or psychic readers and although they are in pain and heartbroken to be visiting my website, they will be looking for information and reviewing which love spells is best for them. However, I know others will be here in tears after thinking just how hopeless their situation is and that there is no answer to their heartache but then an answer did come to their mind from nowhere? LOVE SPELLS! If you are one of those people, this web page is for you, to help you understand the process fast, so that you can wipe away your tears and get some sleep tonight - there is light at the end of the tunnel!

How to solve your heartache? All you need to do is order a love spell and I will cast it for you as soon as possible. Next comes the hard bit, waiting for your results to appear, but don't forget your results will appears as soon as possible!

If you are in tears and so distressed you can't think straight, I know after the joy of realising you have found the answer a love spell you will then panic and think 'maybe my love spell wont work?' If you study this website in more detail when you feel calmer you will learn your love spell is much more likely to work than not, everything is in your favour. Also don’t forget I am only an email away if things look bleak.

love spells and tears - light at the end of the tunnel

Love spells are psychic energy, a witch personalises your love spell and releases the energy into the Universe for the Universe to manifest your wish, it’s almost like a psychic reading in reverse, the love spell will tell fate what you want to happen.

Cosmic ordering works because you tell the Universe what you desire, unfortunately 99.9% of cosmic orders are neutralised when you request the opposite to what you wished for e.g. if you cosmically order “Universe please make Dave love me again and return to me” then the next morning you wake up to discover Dave has ignored your text message, you will automatically think “Dave doesn’t care, Dave hates me” and so you feel very negative about ever being with Dave again, the Universe is listening, your cosmic order has been cancelled, the Universe heard “Dave doesn’t care, Dave hates me” - the Universe hears everything. Cosmic ordering is basically positive thinking, a witch finds it easy because your witch isn’t feeling your pain, or thinking her spells wont work - a witchcraft love spell, bubbling with positive energy and charged by your witch using all her six senses is a million times stronger than your negative thoughts, that’s why a love spell will work when a cosmic order wont. It is not a problem to my love spells if you have doubts, it’s only a problem to you because you will feel horrible while you think the nasty thoughts and my advice to you is try your hardest to break your pattern of thoughts and daydream about you and Dave together, or listen to some uplifting music, decide to ban negative Dave thoughts as much as you can.

My experience of cosmic ordering is that yes it works for small things fast when you don’t have time to think negatively or worry e.g. I always order myself a nice parking space when I am going into town, or if I have a favourite table in a restaurant or cafe - I do a little cosmic order about 5 minutes before I arrive. I do not believe cosmic ordering works for bigger things because we would all have too much control over the world. If it was ‘official’ that cosmic ordering worked 100% - well why go to work, why not stay in bed and cosmically order a lottery win or a windfall? Why not cosmically order everything you want? Because it would take away the excitement and interest of living - God has given us all the power to cosmically order, but only a safe, limited amount. Spells are very different, a witch puts a lot of energy into them using her/his senses, such as
Sight - visualization.
Smell - incense, perfumes and oils used in the spell casting.
Words - the words used in your spell.
A witch enters a trance, and goes into another world when love spell casting - a higher realm, the psychic realm, your request will not be affected by time, space or distance, none of those things exist on the psychic realm, there is only one time, therefore, I will submit your wish on the psychic realm, and it will then filters down to reality and manifest, fortunately your thoughts and doubts cannot upset it.

Spells are a million times stronger than cosmic orders, spells ARE psychic energy, they are alive, a cosmic order dies the second you think the opposite to you wish for. However, spells do work better and faster if they are kept a secret, this protects them, furthermore if your friends disapprove of the one you love, don’t discuss him or her with them, all they will do if you do, is think negatively, speak negativity and make you feel your situation is hopeless. I am the only one you can safely discuss anything with because I will think positively - this is why if you buy a spell from my website you can write whenever you need real support or questions answering, you might not need it, many people don’t, but equally you could wake up at 3.00 am worried about something, therefore it’s best to write not keep wondering.

I cannot offer a phone answering service too, I would be constantly interrupted, instead I can respond fast to my clients; when I am not actually casting love spells I am online responding to emails (apart from when I am eating and sleeping of course), I am 100% committed to running my love spell casting website.

And don't forget, your love spell will work as soon as possible!



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I am on my computer as often as possible, therefore please do not assume you will have a long wait before I reply, you wont!

Love Arabella XXX

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