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Lunar Love Spells


There’s many different types of love spells that can be cast - the ones on this web page use the influence of the Moon. The gravitational pull of the Moon causes waves and tidal waves of our oceans, therefore you can imagine human beings since we are made up from around 75% of water are very much affected by the Moon

Some of my other love spells are pure psychic energy, my Lunar Love Spells utilised the Moon’s energy, but they can only be cast at certain times and in many cases my clients cannot wait another second let alone a week or even longer for a favourable Lunar phase for their love spell to be cast, and if I only used the influence of the Moon I would not be able to cast many love spells at all. However, the love spells on this page do use the Moon’s influence and you need to know how they can help you.

Results tend to connect to the cycles of the Moon also, the waning of Moon will help remove love rivals and troublesome problems upsetting your romance. The waxing Moon is the time for growth and it reunites lovers and builds up relationships.

To think how powerful lunar love spells are, you need to think how powerful tidal waves are, and realise the gravitational pull of the Moon has caused the ocean to reach maximum power. Your love spell will produce the same incredible power on the one you love.

Full Moon Love Spell

My Full Moon Love Spell can obviously only be cast on the day of the full Moon - when the Moon is at her most powerful. Naturaly if a client wants maximum power from the Moon, they want a love spell that is incredibly powerful, a love spell that does everything, and lasts forever, therefore my Full Moon Love Spell is Binding! This love spell is 4 hours long and I start casting four hours before the Full Moon is due to appear, the spell reaches maximum power at the exact moment the Tull Moon appears. I can only cast one Full Moon Love Spell per month. More information on the Lunar Full Moon Love Spell.

Waning Moon Remove My Love Rival Or Love Rivals Spell The Waning Moon is used for erasure, removal and making a problem or person go away.

Waxing Moon Love spell for Commitment My Waxing Moon Love Spell for Commitment can be cast anytime while the Moon is waxing, for your relationship to grow strong as you lover makes a major commitment to you.

Selene Lunar Goddess Love Spell - for Marriage This love spell involves Selene, she is a goddess of marriage and fertility, therefore if you are seeking to marry, settle down and have a family with the one you love this is a great love & marriage to enable you to have a wonderful family life.

All cultures have their Moon deities, usually Goddesses as the Moon is associated with the female cycles of fertility.

King Sol (sun) and Queen Luna (Moon) produced their Hermaphrodite Divine Child who knew the secrets of the philosophers’s stone... King Sol & Queen Luna Fertility Spell

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Lunar God Spells




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