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Safe Love Spells

A lot of people think love spells are pure fiction, and just as many believe love spells are dangerous or very risky. Both of these theories are incorrect.

Love Spells Do Not Backfire

1, Love spells are psychic energy, which is a natural energy, not a manmade energy. Human beings initially had their sixth sense to protect them from danger and guide them - psychic by its very nature is protective. Love spells contain protection automatically, and even if your favourite witch was to cast your love spell while she was drunk and made every error possible, the protective, psychic energy would neutralise her errors. The love spell wouldn't work at all - not until your witch casts your love spell again - while sober.

2, For a love spell to work negatively or diversely it needs to be charged with such information purposely and accurately - that doesn't happen accidentally.

3, It's actually impossible to cast a love spell that will backfire because to cast a love spell a witch is requesting fate to manifest a love situation, the Universe and law of attraction connect to the love spell and manifest the outcome requested, there's no way a witch can request the outcome you want and cause the opposite to happen - just as someone cannot have their cake and eat it too.

Anyone who has cast love spells that work will tell you most witchcraft and love spell books are written by writers keen to earn a living, they certainly haven't cast any love spells, that's why they insist love spells are dangerous when they aren't at all.

Please read my frequently asked Love Spells Questions for more information to help you understand that love spells are no more harmful that carrying a four leaf clover.





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