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Soul Mate Love Spells

Any psychic or tarot reader instantly knows when two people are soul mates, the energy is extremely powerful, the bond is stronger than life itself - it existed before you was born, and it will last longer than your life on this planet. BUT, soul mates can make errors such as getting involved with the wrong person and even marrying the wrong person. Soul mates are only human and although they are with their soul mate they can clash and fight like cat and dog, despite the potent bond, remember the fact they are twinned flames, doesn't mean they are the same person, living in the same human house of skin and bone; as humans beings they may well having shouting matches or do selfish things, since they will both have their own personalities, opinions and theories. The spiritual soul mate bond is superior, you can scream all you like at your soul mate, but you cannot break the soul bond, however, as an human you are on the planet earth and need to be with your soul mate in their human form, with their human personality, therefore my Soul Mate Love Spells are for soul mates to be together, and happy, and my Soul Mate Love Spells are the answer if you have fallen out with your soul mate - weather or not it was your fault. Your soul mate might be married to another, or you might be alone wondering if soul mate will ever appear?

Obviously each love problem is different, therefore I have a selection of soul mate love spells that have ‘add on love spells’ to tackle other problems such as a love rival, or maybe your soul mate has left you and declared you will never see them ever again or at least “not if they see you first” and other similar comments that now haunt you.

Soul mates always meet each other in each life time - they always find each other, but since it is not always as soon as we would like, there is nothing wrong with giving fate a boost and speeding up the process with a love spell.

Soul Mate Love Spell - version one

This soul mate spell is perfect for those who have split up with their ex and pray for a reuniting, but unfortunately their soul mate is as stubborn as a mule and acting like a stranger, and showing no sign of returning.

Alternatively, you may love someone who you are not in a relationship with, but desperately want to be. You feel certain they are your soul mate but for some strange reason, even if you took all of your cloths off in front of them they still would not notice you. This is because they have what I call a soul mate blockage or hold up, they aren’t ready to meet their soul mate (they might be obsessed with their work for example), this spell therefore speeds up the process and ensures they realise their soul mate is right under their nose.

This spell is also great for those who are single, and want to attract their soul mate to them, and to speed up the process of meeting them, after all, why miss out on precious time you could share with your soul mate?

Soul Mate Love Spell - version one. This spell lasts for one hour (that is, it takes one hour to cast, excluding spell preparations), and can be cast on any day, it is priced at £125.00. If you can send me a photo of yourself and maybe your soul mate too, that would be great, but I know from experience it’s very possible to love someone and not have a photo of them.

Soul Mate Love Spell Price £125.00 GBP Sterling


Soul Mate Love Spells - version two (Including Remove a Love Rival)

This spell lasts two hours and is in fact two love spells, the first love spell will bring your soul mate to you, it will reunite you and your lover if you are apart or bring your soul mate to you. If a love competitor exists it can be very stressful, you might feel anger that your love rival isn’t as nice as you, or you might be in pain because you believe your love rival is more attractive, funnier and richer than you, and you cannot compete with this person? This is where you need to use a spell to guarantee your soul mate and love competitor no longer see eye to eye and as a result separate. I will cast the spell to remove your love rival first, then during the same love spell casting session, I will cast the soul mate love spell. £200.00

Soul Mate Love & Remove a Love Rival Spells Price £200.00 GBP Sterling


Soul Mate Love Spells - Together forever, binding and love protection, version three

This selection of 5 nightly love spells ensures two soul mates are together, and stay together no matter how many love rivals try to upset their love. Soul mates can find money, career, family or even health problems troublesome and they can have a knock on effect and create disharmony between two soul mates who not only love each other deep down, but the Universe knows they belong to each other and hence, created a special bond between them, but life on planet earth can get tricky at times, therefore even soul mates need protection from trouble and people trying to upset their romance. Alternatively a soul mate might be going through a tough time and not be able to offer their ‘twin flame’ support and commitment, these spells will fix that too. Price - £750.00

Soul Mate Love Spells - Together forever, binding and love protection, version three Price £750.00 GBP Sterling


Soul Mates Love Spells - together forever, binding, love protection and multi problem solving - version four

This collection of 10 nightly love spells removes all the problems and barriers preventing two soul mates from being together. The barriers may be love rivals, so called friends, jealous people, relatives, work commitments, distance, finances, health or even being married to the wrong person. This package of 10 potent Soul Mate Spells will stop at nothing to ensure you and your soul mate are together. No one will be hurt, but these love spells will work relentlessly on anything or anyone that tries to keep you apart or unhappy. If your soul mate is the one causing problems, these spells will calm and heal them and ensure they treat you as only a soul mate can. Price - £1500.00

Soul Mate Love Spells - Together forever, binding and love protection, version three Price £1500.00 GBP Sterling


Items and information needed to cast any of these Soul Mate Love Spells:

Your name and date of birth, along with your lover's. Photos can be email or posted. If you have a love rival any information on them will be useful - should have have any. If you cannot supply all this information, do not worry, I can still cast your love spells. You can order using the payment buttons above, or by using any of the alternative methods listed on my ordering page: Order

I will look forward to casting your love spell very soon!

Love & blessings - Arabella XXX - I am only an email away!

Soul Mate Love Spells



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