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Tree Magic, Tree Love Spells and Tree Spells for Everything!

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Tree Magic, Tree Love Spells and Tree Spells for Everything!


Trees are used in a lot of spells including love spells... Nearly every culture has magical or scared trees, and of course the greatest magic is trees absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, trees are essential to our survival. In ancient times people believed that spirits of deities lived inside trees, trees have always been seen as magical. Ash trees were considered to be scared to the Norse, the Yggdrasil ‘world tree’ was an ash tree, the supported the nine kingdoms of reality. Ashes are often used in protection spells and magic wands are made from ash, it's a very magical tree, the ash! Hazel and hawthorn are considered lucky and can be used in some love spells - although, Christ’s crown of thorns was made from hawthorn.

You can touch a tree with both hands and ask for help you with that particular type of tree’s powers. You can carry a few twigs or burn wood to release the energies you are seeking.


The Properties of Trees For Tree Witchcraft Spells


Alder attracts prosperity and stability -   Alder Prosperity Spell
Almond attracts fertility and love -   Almond Love Attraction Spell
Aspen attracts communication -   Aspen Communication Spell
Avocado attracts beauty -   Avocado Beauty Spell
Bamboo attracts good luck and wealth -   Bamboo Good Luck Spell
Banana attracts male potency -   Banana Male Potency Spell
Banyan attracts luck and optimism -   Banyan Luck Spell
Bay attracts fidelity and marriage -   Bay Fidelity Spell
Beech attracts learning -   Beech Learning Spell
Birch attracts health and protection -   Birch Health Spell
Boxwood helps develop talents -   Boxwood Talents Spell
Cedar attracts good luck -   Cedar Good Luck Spell
Cherry attracts a new lover -   Cherry New Love Spell
Chestnut attracts abundance -   Chestnut Abundance Spell
Coconut protects from psychic attack -   Coconut Psychic Protection
Cypress attracts a long life -   Cypress Long Life Spell
Dogwood helps you past tests -   Dogwood Past Test Spell
Elder for clairvoyance -   Elder Clairvoyance Spell
Elm attracts a restful night -   Elm Sleeping Spell
Eucalyptus attracts clarity -   Eucalyptus Clarity Spell
Fig attracts wisdom -   Fig Wisdom Spell
Fir attracts money and gifts -   Fir Money Spell
Hawthorn makes wishes come true -   Hawthorn Wishing Spell
Hazel attracts good luck -   Hazel Good Luck Spell
Holly attracts psychic powers -   Holly Psychic Powers Spell
Ivy restores lover -   Ivy Restores Love Spell
Cypress attracts prosperity -   Cypress Prosperity Spell
Larch attracts protection -   Larch Protection Spell
Laurel attracts success -   Laurel Success Spell
Lime attracts justice -   Lime Justice Spell
Mango attracts happiness -   Mango Happiness Spell
Maple attracts health and wealth -   Maple Health & Wealth Spell
Myrtle attracts peace -   Myrtle Peace Spell
Oak attracts knowledge -   Oak Knowledge Spell
Olive attracts abundance -   Olive Abundance Spell
Orange attracts love and passion -   Orange Love & Passion Spell
Palm attracts rejuvenation -   Palm Rejuvenation Spell
Pear attracts fertility -   Pear Fertility Spell
Peach attracts marriage -   Peach Marriage Spell
Poplar attracts success -   Poplar Success Spell
Redwood attracts spiritual growth -   Redwood Spiritual Growth
Rowan attracts intuition -   Rowan Intuition Spell
Sycamore grants wishes -   Sycamore Wishing Spell
Tamarind attracts trust -   Tamarind Trust Spell
Vine attracts ecstasy -   Vine Ecstasy Spell
Walnut attracts mental powers -   Walnut mental Powers Spell
Willow attracts prophetic dreams -   Willow Dreams Spell
Yew attracts union -   Yew Union Spell

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