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Venus Love Spell

Venus governs romance. Venus radiates a romantic vibration, therefore anyone born under a star sign ruled by Venus tends to be romantic.

Whatever your star sign, if romance is missing from your life, this Venus Love Spell will be cast for you at your Venus hour to bring you romance, or solve a romantic problem.

A Venus love spell for romantic love to com,e into your life... Venus, the second planet from the Sun, Venus orbits the earth every 224.7 days, it is named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. Venus is the next brightest star in the sky after the Moon. The magical vibrations created by Venus are very powerful, which is why they are invoked during a love spell.

If you would like to order a Venus Love Spell, you can use the payment button below or any payment method listed at ORDER a love spell. Once you have purchased your Venus Love Spell you can send an me an email containing your order information: I will need your date of birth and the date of birth of your lover (and their name) and if you have any photos handy, you can email them to me.

Venus Love Spell Price £100.00 GBP Sterling

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I am on my computer as often as possible, therefore please do not assume you will have a long wait before I reply, you wont!

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