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What Can I Do To Help My Love Spell Work Faster?

Nothing really because your love spell will work as fast as it can naturally or ‘magically’ without you doing a thing. However, with any problem if you do all you can to help things run smoothly then of course they will. If your ex is refusing to speak to you, calling him every 20 minutes will only annoy them, and that is true whether or not you are using a love spell, therefore, you should just do what you know is right.

Love spell produce natural results, and you are therefore best acting as your normal, natural self. Love spells use materials and natural human skills - words, thoughts, visualisation and actions, these love spell ingredients create a ‘super nature’ - that is, the very best of nature and wonderful, magical things happen as a result. Love spells aren’t odd or weird energies at all, quite the opposite, therefore you are wise operating naturally while your love spell works - your actions and your love spell will both be natural and compatible, if you start acting out of character that would be ‘alien’ and unnatural and therefore, not helpful.

Overall you should not worry, you are using a love spell, which is - energies present within nature to make your life happy, and you are doing the right thing because mankind is here on earth to generate love and happiness, which manifests harmony, growth and abundance, whereas fighting and hate create wars and destruction - mankind should always go down the positive route.

And the most important thing to remember is real love spells do work, and yours will.

If you have any questions please send them to me and I will answer them here - your name will not be posted.

What Can I Do To Help My Love Spell Work Faster? Questions:

Q: Does using more than one love spell make results appear quicker?
A: Yes, extra love spells mean extra power, and obviously that will ensure results manifest faster.

Q: What causes a love spell to work slower than normal?
A: Well, I have a page about keeping your love spell a secret, talking about love spells isn't wise, also arguing with the one you love doesn't help. Furthermore don't forget the one you love has no idea you are using a love spell, therefore don't assume your love spell has worked until you witness changes, if you call your ex 24 hours after the casting expecting him or her to be different, they might not be, your spell might be correcting something else before your ex realises they want you back.

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