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Love Spells Ingredients - Atmosphere

The atmosphere inside a witch’s temple is extremely important and potent too. You may have heard someone say “you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife” when a situation is awkward and people are feeling tense and nervous? Humans can change an atmosphere with their moods and this is exactly what a love spells witch does - also a love spells witch will use oils, perfumes, incense, candles and witchcraft materials to change the atmosphere within her temple.

Everyone has smelt a fragrance that has transported then back to another time and another place, therefore a witch uses fragrances that conjure up a loving, warm, romantic and magical atmosphere. Although a love spells witch will create an atmosphere in her temple, it then affects her too while she is casting her love spells; if the atmosphere inside her temple was negative, cold and disturbing, her love spell casting would be impossible.

Whilst casting a love spell a witch is quite literally transported to another world, all she is focusing on is you, her client and your love situation, and if for example she is casting a Reuniting Love Spell, in her mind you and your lover will be reunited, back together, there’s no two ways about it. It’s important your witch is in the ‘right mood’, that is why all of her six senses are activated by the atmosphere inside her temple, and also why she (or he of course) needs to use materials that will heighten her senses, and while one love spells witch might favour rose oil another will prefer lavender oil, or perhaps a personalised mixture of oils like myself, a love spells witch will know which oils affect her best!

Absolutely everything connected a love spell is important because if anything makes a witch feel uncomfortable, then she cannot give her magic spell casting 100% of her energy, therefore her clothes, jewellery, make up, hair - everything will be to her exact liking.

To cast powerful love spells, everything must be perfect and the atmosphere in a witch's temple will tell a witch if everything is!

Love Spells Ingredients - Atmosphere

Love spells contain many different magical ingredients such as:


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